I’m an AnxietyUK approved therapist!

Who is AnxietyUK?

AnxietyUK is a UK national registered charity which was formed in 1970 for those affected by anxiety disorders.  It aims to make quality therapy accessible and affordable for people with low incomes.

They are able to do this thanks to their approved therapists offering heavily discounted sessions throughout the course of treatment, whilst also volunteering to do a number of sessions for free. 

But they don't just let anybody in...

Even though AnxietyUK therapists are offering both voluntary sessions and reduced prices, AnxietyUK are strict about the types of therapies they accept and of course the quality of their therapist’s training and membership with a recognized professional body.  All AnxietyUK approved therapists have been through a process of stringent checks for continued professional development, supervision, DBS, references and experience, to ensure they are of a high quality and safe for their members.

So, this all takes a while!  But this week I had confirmation that my application has been accepted and I am now an approved therapist awaiting referrals.

Esme x

If you are interested in finding out more about how AnxietyUK could help you with your anxiety, please visit them at


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