Hypnotherapy FAQs

Some of the most common questions people ask me are listed below. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a brain-based approach, which combines the most effective aspects of talking therapy (such as NLP, CBT and Solution Focused Brief Therapy), with knowledge of neuroscience and hypnosis.  See more here.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with most issues that are primarily based on habitual thought patterns (conscious or subconscious) such as anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, weight management, procrastination, creative block, social anxiety, phobias, quitting smoking etc.

Not at all! If you have a goal you would like to reach that requires you to be the best version of you (for example passing a test or public speaking) then this therapy can help you access and harness the mental tools you need to succeed.

Absolutely! Online therapy is just as effective as face to face – if not more!  In fact, many of my clients who have experienced both in-person and online (due to lockdown restrictions) say that they were able to relax even more in the comfort of their own homes and really enjoyed this method. 

Absolutely!  I have seen clients from all over the world and it is simple and easy to set up. Just email me to let me know what country/area you are in (so we can work out the time difference) and book an initial consultation.  It is the same procedure for booking and payment as for any other online booking.  Please be aware that I only speak English, so a good understanding of the English language is essential to get the best out of therapy with me.

No. Trance is actually very natural and ordinary.  We go in and out of trance every day, when we are watching a movie, driving to work or going for a run.  If you have ever experienced driving somewhere and not remembering the journey – you were probably in a trance!  What makes a hypnotherapeutic trance different is that we are intentionally directing the subconscious mind towards specific ideas to help you make beneficial changes – which is probably not what you are doing when you are driving your car! If your internet went down, you would realise quite quickly that I’d stopped talking and be wide awake again – your mind would simply switch focus just as it would if the audio stopped working during a movie.

No. Please see the previous FAQ about trance.  You are completely in control throughout.  If you wanted to scratch your nose in the middle, you could.  Some clients hear every word I say, some find that their minds wander quite a bit, some clients don’t remember anything I’ve said.  The subconscious mind will only take from the trance what will be most beneficial. 

This really does depend on you, what your goals are, what is happening in your life and how willing and ready you are for change.  For deep-rooted issues such as anxiety and depression, it can take time to make important changes to your thought patterns, but often significant change can be experienced at around 8 sessions and often this is enough.  Some clients like to have more sessions, perhaps to tackle other issues, or for extra support during difficult times.

 Phobia treatment typically takes 3 sessions after the free initial consultation.

Quitting smoking takes one session which is up to 2 hours long.

I will give you an indication of how many sessions you might require in the free initial consultation.

It really does depend on the issue you would like help with, what your goals are and what you are interested in.  This will be discussed during the free initial consultation to ensure that we choose the right approach for you. I sometimes include a little mindfulness in my hypnotherapy sessions and vice versa, if it is appropriate.  This is dependent on the needs and interests of the client.